Welcome to Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2014!

What a killer year! Our final numbers are 1354 attendees, a good 35% over last year's attendance. We had 303 suiters in our parade, up from 200 last year. And we raised an incredible $5,500 for our charity, Freedom Service Dogs. We'd like to thank our Guests of Honor, staff members and everyone who volunteered to make this our most successful event. Keep an eye on our website. Big changes ahead! We look forward to putting on a great convention!

What is a Furry Convention?

A furry convention, also called a fur con or furry con is a gathering of members of the furry fandom. Furry conventions provide a place for fans to meet and greet, buy items such as artwork and generally hang out and have fun. Rocky Mountain Fur Con, like all furry conventions offer a range of programming, focusing on anthropomorphic art, crafts, music and literature. We also raise money for charities such as the Denver Zoo and animal rescues programs. Often, we dress up at conventions in costumes called Fursuits, which are usually representative of whatever animal we most relate to, or whatever we think will be the most fun and creative! For more information, go to our About Us page.